JCC Virtual Haggadah

A Virtual Walkthrough of the Seder

Join us for a stroll through the haggadah, using all of the tools of the digital age. This digital toolkit offers a mash-up of video performances, sing-alongs, articles, text studies, and takes both new and old on every step of the seder. There’s a bit of everything here, from intro-level explanations for the novices among us to new insights, tunes, and ways of interpreting for those who think they’ve seen it all. The world wide web is a big place, and we’ve compiled the best of its Passover offerings right here.

How to use this haggadah

Use these resources in any way you need, whether it's bit-by-bit or as a complete, beginning-to-end walkthrough. F indicates resources for families, A indicates resources for adults, and E indicates resources for everybody.

The Order of the Seder

Some people begin the seder by singing the table of contents as a roadmap of what's to come.

Performed by Zusha E

A Fun Animation of Each of the Steps E

Performed by Israeli Musician Ehud Banai E

A Sephardic Version E

Seder Flow: A Jazzy Call and Response E

Performed by Israeli Musician Dafna Israel-Kotok E

Passover Funk: An Uptown Funk Parody Video E


1 | Kadesh: Blessing Over Wine

Why Do We Drink Four Cups of Wine on Passover?A

About Kadesh, the First Step of the SederA


2 | Urchatz: Ritual Washing of Hands

A Meditation on Urchatz by Ami SilverA

A Kavannah (Intention) for UrchatzA

On Jewish Ritual Hand Washing Before MealsA


3 | Karpas: Eating Green Vegetables

The Meaning Behind KarpasA

A Fun Idea for a Karpas "Dipping Station"E


4 | Yachatz: Breaking the Middle Matzah

Two Kinds of Matzahs and MitzvahsA

Yachatz - Breaking Our HeartsA

The Matzah BoogieF

20 Things to Do with Matzah E

The Message of MatzahE

Matzah ReunionF

Yachatz NinjaF


5 | Magid: The Telling of the Exodus Story

The Flow of the Magid Section of the SederA

Passover RhapsodyE

A Lion King Passover, Performed by Six13E

Chozen, Performed by Six13E

Ha Lachmah Anya: This Is the Bread of Affliction

Matzah: From Affliction to RedemptionA

Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat: A JCC + WSCAH One-Page Seder SupplementE

Ma Nishtana: The Four Questions

Performed by the MaccabeatsE

Ma Nishtana: Passover Music VideoE

A Karaoke VersionE

Learn What the Questions Mean and How to Sing ThemE

Avadim Hayinu: We Were Slaves in Egypt

Performed by Steven Chaitman featuring Jay Rapoport and Beth ReinsteinE

Performed by Debbie FriedmanE

Performed by Elissa Oppenheim Schreiner and Sunnie MillerE

Performed by Rick RechtE

Performed by Danny ShoshanE

The Seder in Bnei Barak

Commentary by Nechama LeibowitzA

The Four Children

Teaching the Next GenerationA

The Four Children as the BeatlesE

The Four DaughtersA

The Four LGBTQIA+ JewsA

The Four Children of Climate ChangeA

The Four Girls Within UsA

The Passover Story of the Four SonsE

In the Beginning, Our Ancestors Worshipped Idols

The Legacy of American SlaveryA

Vehi She'amda

Chief Rabbi's MessageA

Chanted in the Mizrahi TraditionA

How to Understand Vehi She'amdaA

Performed by HaZamirE

Arami Oved Avi

Why is the Bikkurim Proclamation Recited in the Haggadah?A

An Aramean Destroyed My FatherA

A Perishing ArameanA

A Mishnaic InterpretationA

Arami Oved AviA

The Ten Plagues

Did the Ten Plagues of Egypt Really Happen?A

From The Prince of EgyptE

Frogs Here, Frogs ThereF


Would It Be Enough?E

A Kids' Sing-AlongF

Performed by the MaccabeatsE

Performed by the Socalled Seder - Hip Hop HaggadahE

Performed by The FountainheadsE

Learn the WordsE

Raban Gamliel: Pesach, Matzah, v'Mror

Symbols of Our HungerA

Refugee Seder SupplementA

In Every Generation, a Person Is Obligated to Think S/He Personally Left Egypt

A Call to Revolutionary HopeA

Psalm 113

How Does Hallel Connect to Passover?A

Performed by Abraham BrunE

Performed by Hereford Cathedral ChoirE

Psalm 114

Performed by Shlomo CarlebachE

A Punk Rock VersionE

Performed by Shira Kline (Easy to Sing Along With!)E

Let My People Go

On Soviet JewryA

A Funky VersionE

A Summer Camp VersionE

Performed by Louis ArmstrongE

A Jazz VersionE


6 | Rachtzah: Ritual washing of hands before the meal

Netilat YadayimE


7 | Motzi Matzah: Blessing Over the Matzah and the Meal

One-Minute Insight: What Matzah Can Teach Us About Seizing the DayE

Note: Find more great matzah content under step 4, Yachatz!


8 | Maror: Eating Bitter Herbs

Natural Healing: Befriending the Bitter HerbsA

One-Minute Insight: Why Do Some Prefer Lettuce for Their Bitter Herbs?E


9 | Korech: Eating a Sandwich of Matzah and Bitter Herbs

Why We Eat Bitter Herbs and Matzah TogetherE

A Joke of a SandwichE


10 | Shulchan Orech: Time to Eat the Festive Meal

Click here for easy, delicious, kosher for Passover recipes.


11 | Tzafun: Eating the Afikomen

Tzafun/Searching for Afikomen by Paul FischerE

Don't Sit on the AfikomenF

Afikomen MamboE

Shalom Sesame: Jake Gyllenhaal and the AfikomenE

Why Do We Hide the Afikomen?E

The Hidden MatzahE


12 | Barech: Grace After the Meal

Bendigamos al Altísimo, a Ladino Song for the Birkat haMazonE

The Entire Birkat HaMazonE

A Shortened Birkat HaMazonE

Dressing as Elijah and Pouring Out LoveA

Sh'foch HaMatcha by Brandi UllianA

Ruth's Cup: A New Passover Ritual Honoring Jewish Diversity by Rabbi Heidi HooverA

Pour Out Your Wrath on My HametzA

Activity: Before you open the door for Elijah to enter your home, distribute index cards and pens to guests and ask them to write down what a particular imaginary guest might say if he or she entered the house along with Elijah. For example, what would Gal Gadot say if she showed up? What would the Pope say? What about Homer Simpson? Jack Black? Greg Heffley? After singing "Eliahu HaNavi," read the answers aloud, which will, no doubt, be both funny and fascinating.


13 | Hallel: Singing Psalms of Praise

The Text of HallelE

A Beautiful New Tune for HallelE

On HallelA


14 | Nirtzah: Conclusion

Ki Lo Na'eh

Performed by Yosef Goldman (Hadar Rising Song Records)E

Performed by Jeremy Gaisin and Shmueli Schwartz with Hebrew SubtitlesE

An Upbeat VersionE

Adir Hu

Meaning and MelodyE

Performed by Moshav BandE

A Sephardic VersionE

Echad Mi Yodeah

A Bukharian VersionE

Performed by Batsheva Dance CompanyE

Had Gadyah

Performed by Shulem LemmerE

A Karaoke VersionE

A Bukharian VersionE

L'Shanah Ha'Baah b'Yrushalayim: Next Year in Jerusalem

Mentions of Jerusalem in the TanakhA

Why do we Say “Next Year in Jerusalem”?A

A Kids' Sing-AlongF

A Classic RenditionE


Counting the Omer

Counting the Omer: The BasicsE

49 Facts About Counting the OmerA

Tool for Counting the OmerE

How to Count the OmerE

Sephardi Pizmonim (Songs) for the OmerE